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This week

So this week has been great had work from 5 am til 10 am on Monday Wednesday Friday and i have to get up @ 3:45 now which is great cause my job is so easy.All I have to do is make sure the stock which we get everyday is out on the floor in Old Navy. I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off which hopefully will change very soon.I .Last night my parents and I decided to open the swimming pool and get it organized for the summer and stuff.So after work tonight I will have to go to the pool shop and buy paint and other accessories for outside the pool.I can't wait till the summer.Nxt week is the school vacation week and Im hoping Old navy will be busy with customers,call me crazy but we have a lot of stock and its hard to fill the racks and stuff.So we want ppl to buy the stuff.I will also be going away to NH nxt week with friends after I do my three days @ Old Navy.
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