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Fun stuff

I have been thinking about this for a while now so i decided to do it on Thursday night fter work i worked from 2-6 then while driving to the mall I decided to apply @ Old Navy and to my surprise I spoke with the actual store Manager and he gave me an appointment right on the spot.He is so nice and funny i love it.My appointment was today @ 11:30 i went there around 11:15 and got interviewed and then while I was walking out of the stock room.He came up behind me put his arm around me and said "welcome to the old navy team" Then when we got to the front of the store he made all the employees stop what they were doing and made an official announcement that Im working there officially. So later in the afternoon I went back over and filled in the paperwork i was there from 3-5 and then stayed on to work.I got home around 11:50.Im so happy the discounts are amazing I get discounts from like Old Navy (obv) all of the Gaps,Banana Republic and all of the outlets.The discounts range from 20% to 40%.Its so cool now Im going to be getting my summer stuff.The work crew is so nice and its going to be so fun.I'll get my hours on monday when I go in.Im still going to be @ my other job as well though which is great which is Aberccrombie & Fitch.

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